Romany and Traveller Family History Society (RTFHS)

Romany Gypsy, Traveller or Fairground ancestors in the British Isles? Research your roots and heritage and meet fellow enthusiasts with our help. Founded in 1994, we’re the only British family history society dedicated to this special group of ancestors.

So why spend any more long hours trawling the internet alone? Join us and right away you'll be in the company of people who'll be happy to help and happy to share their knowledge. You could even find 'cousins' with us! Many of our members do.

Membership benefits include:
• Four 48-page journals a year
• Members-only email group
• Free access to RTFHS events.

Plus you'll find many free records on our website to help you in your research.

We also offer a range of specialist publications containing the family trees of well-known British Romany Gypsy families. Your own family may already be in one of them.

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