Virtual Talks planned for 2024

August: Tuesday 13 8.00 pm 

Ann Larkham

Scanning your Physical Family History Photos                                      

This talk may be thought as being one for the ‘teccies’ but is presented in an easy-to-understand manner. Ann will discuss various scanners and methods, including photography, to help you preserve your precious images.


Click here for registration 13 August 8pm{BST}

September: Tuesday 10 8.00 pm (not the usual day) 

Julian Pooley

Discovering the Story of your Home                                                    

Yet another offering from the indefatigable Julian with plenty of images and maps to show us how to discover more about our homes and those of our ancestors.

October: Tuesday 8 8.00 pm and Wednesday 9 10.00 am

Hilary Blanford

Fact or Fiction: Those Online Trees                                                      

How do you identify a ‘wrong ‘un’? What strategies can you use to confirm or refute some of the assumptions made by your fellow researchers?

November: Monday 11 10.00 am and 8.00 pm

Hilary Hartigan

DNA and Ethnicity                                                                              

This talk comes as highly recommended by those who have heard it. Well-illustrated with easy to follow diagrams, Hilary presents the subject with clarity and humour.


No planned meeting