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DNA Matches.  A sample tree with centimorgans .  ESFHS Journal Volume 44 number 4 December 2021.  Page 41:

FTree Centimorgans SAvedCHart2 2000


May 2021 Update

We had a good (Zoom) meeting on Saturday 8 May 2021. There was plenty of chat, especially after Donna Rutherford gave us her summary of what’s been happening in the DNA world since February 2021. Her summary can be found at this address:

Link to Donna’s presentation of 8 May 2021:

Donna says: ‘ on the top right there is a download button... and the pdf will download to your computer’

Here’s the link to the Ancestry paper on ‘Why do I have so much ‘Scottish’ DNA ‘?

This is a link to the French (and European) DNA and Family History website – up and coming. I use it in its FREE mode.

Donna recommended this website (£):

I followed Donna with a detailed presentation on how to use a special spreadsheet from Family History Fanatics to download your Match list from Ancestry to Google Sheets. Once in Google Sheets you can export the data to other spreadsheet formats such as Excel.

The Family History Fanatics You Tube video can be found here:

REMEMBER that this YouTube may not be kept up to date by the authors. It was working well 8 May 2021.

My presentation on ‘How to download your DNA Match information from Ancestry to a spreadsheet 8 May 2021’ is here:


This is what my download looks like in Excel (top three lines only):


Next DNA and Family History meeting probably end June 2021 and will focus on YDNA