Welcome to the East Surrey FHS

For the past forty four years the East Surrey Family History Society has been helping members trace their family history whether they have family connections to the East Surrey area or enjoy attending events connected with family, social or local history.

If you are new to family history then we can help put you on the path to good research. Not all records are available on the internet and some of those are very confusing. If you are more experienced then we can reinforce your knowledge with additional information or techniques.

Joining a family history society means that you can meet like-minded people with the same enthusiasm for this fascinating subject who are ready to pass on tips and hints from their own research.

If you wish to login into the website, click here. The "Username" is your registered email address, and if you have not got a password click on "Forgot Your Password" and you will receive an email enabling you to set/reset your password. You may have to look in your spam folder for this email.

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Several family history societies are, like East Surrey, running meetings online while the pandemic is preventing physical gatherings. Some are open to non-members and those societies are happy for members of our Society to attend. One case in point is the West Middlesex Family History Society, that borders our area to the north, and the link to information about joining their meetings is http://www.west-middlesex-fhs.org.uk/content/meetings.aspx .