Definition of a stray according to FitzHugh's Dictionary of Genealogy

"A recorded reference to a person in connection with a parish, county, or country, other than that in which he or she was normally resident"

The Surrey Strays Index contains details of people born in both East and West Surrey but found elsewhere. The information comes from many different sources including baptism, marriage, death and burial records, poor law, monumental inscriptions and censuses.
The data is collected by East Surrey FHS on behalf of both of the Surrey Family History Societies.

What is on offer? - When a request is received the records are searched for the name(s) and all relevant entries are printed and sent to the enquirer. The cost of the service is shown below.
The list of names recorded is slowly growing all the time so it is possible that a repeat request at a future time will reveal additional information.

Charges for the service

East and West Surrey FHS members 
One surname is free with a charge of £1.00 for each additional name.
With your request please state which Society you belong to and your membership number.

The cost is £2.00 per surname.

Emails should be sent to the Strays Co-ordinator c/o our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please allow 21 days for a reply.