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  • Southwark Cathedral

  • Sopwith Airplane Factory - Kingston

  • Lingfield

  • The Thiepval Memorial

  • St Mary's Lambeth

  • .

  • Croydon High Street

  • The battlefield 1916

New members click here for an introductory article


The DMI is arranged in alphabetical order by surname being researched, giving the parish and county and period of interest together with the member's membership number.
Please note : No attempt has been made to group variants of a name together, it is therefore essential to search or browse for all possible variants of a name.

All entries have been entered as submitted, EXCEPT as described below:

  • Minor errors have been corrected - for instance "Lambeth, LON" has been corrected to "Lambeth, SRY" and a small number of minor changes have been made in the date range, for instance replacing "1800-1900" with "19c", etc.

  • For the sake of consistency some minor adjustments may have been made to counties, as follows -
    For the British Isles only the ancient counties have been used generally, even if the period of research is after the changes in the county boundaries. Importantly London as a 'county' therefore refers strictly to the City of London (the 'Square Mile') and is abbreviated as LDN
    Where a member's interests are throughout the whole of the Metropolitan area, i.e. both north and south of the Thames (Greater London as it would now be described) then the place of interest has been given as London, abbreviated as LON, and has not been associated with any particular county. 
    Specific places which were submitted as being in the 'county of London' have been re-allocated to the ancient county in which they lay i.e. MiddlesexCity of LondonSurrey or Kent.

The DMI uses abbreviations for places, called Chapman county codes, and periods of research, which should be self explanatory. 
For the counties of the British Isles the 3-alpha British County Codes have been used. See for a full list of Chapman codes. 

Searching the DMI 
Click on the Search button and the Acrobat search panel will appear. 

New entries and updates 
Members' interests submitted after the March cut off date will be published in the centre pages of the Journal and in a supplementary PDF..


Entry check for contributors

Click here for the check list (opens in a new window).

The entries are in order of membership number . To locate your number follow the instructions at the top of the page.
The list may include entries which are now out of date (some of the contributions have not been updated since 1996) or show an incorrect parish, county or period. 
Please take the time to look through your entries and note any entries for deletion, correction, or any new additions. Send a list of these to the DMI co-ordinator so the master database can be updated. 
To send a list :- 
> a Word document is available here which can be completed and emailed as an attachment, to the DMI co-ordinator (see address below) or posted to the co-ordinator at the address shown inside the cover of the Journal, or 
> use the PDF form available here and post your information to the co-ordinator, as mentioned above. Please try to ensure that the form is completed legibly. No responsibility will be accepted for entries transcribed incorrectly from difficult–to–read handwriting.

See the DMI introduction page for an article which contains more information about the submission of interests.


Click this box  to email the DMI co-ordinator at membersinterests01 @
The email should contain:

> The name you are interested in
> The membership number as shown in the directory
> Your East Surrey membership number

The co-ordinator will then let you know the contact details which will include either an email or postal address. Whichever method is used please include your ESFHS membership number. If sending a postal enquiry remember to include a stamped, self-addressed envelope or sufficient International Reply Coupons to cover the return postage.
Receiving an enquiry - Please respond to it, whether or not it appears to be linked to your research. One common complaint is that members' enquiries are ignored, even when an SSAE has been enclosed.


The DMI would not be possible without the work of our Members' Interests Co-ordinator Peter Grant and Membership Secretary Ann Turnor and, of course, all the members who have contributed entries.

Brian Hudson
DMI Design and Production 

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