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  • Southwark Cathedral

  • Sopwith Airplane Factory - Kingston

  • Lingfield

  • The Thiepval Memorial

  • St Mary's Lambeth

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  • Croydon High Street

  • The battlefield 1916


January 7    British Land and Property Records    Paul Blake Sutton
Janaury 9 The 1939 Register Myko Clelland     Richmond
January 19    High Street Croydon Carole Roberts    Croydon
Janaury 23 The 1939 Register Myko Clelland Lingfield
February 3  Military Genealogy On the Internet Simon Fowler Sutton
February 8  Look at the Holdings in the Southwark Local Archives  Steven Potter Southwark
February 16 High Street Croydon Pt 2 Carole Roberts Croydon
February 24     Life and Labour in a County Village Jane Lewis Lingfield
March 3 Creating Family Heirlooms Sue Gibbons Sutton
March 12 How can Memorabilia help with Family History? Elizabeth Owen Richmond
March 12 Celtic Family History Day
  Surrey History Centre,Woking
March 15  Napoleonic Solder Christopher Shaw Croydon
March 23 The Human Aspects of Waterloo Jane Le Cluse Lingfield
April 7  A session discussing Family Heirlooms Sutton
April 7-9 Who do you think you are - live NEC, Birmingham
April 11 Disease and Public Health in Victorian cities Christopher Day Southwark
April 23

Open Day - 20th Century Soutces

Living Relatives/Missing People

The past on Glass

 Myko Clelland

Dr Geoff Swinfield

Abby Matthews

Bourne Hall


April 27

Had you thought of looking at?

A look at some unusual sources.

 Hilary Blandford
May 5 DNA Tests for family historians  Dr Geoff Swinfield Sutton
May 14 Members/Visitors sharing artifactd Richmond
May 14  Richmond May Fair Richmond
May 17 Mending bodies saving Souls  Ian Waller  Croydon 
May 21 Nunhead Cemetery Open Day
May 25  Surrey Roads - Turnpike to Motorway  Gordon Knowles Lingfield
May 28  Merton Heritage Discovery Day  Morden
June 2 Swing Riots in Surrey 1830-2   Judy Hill Sutton 
June 13 Mayhem on the Midland  Chris & Judy Rouse  Southwark 
June 21 Unseen Archives Lindsay Ould Croydon
June 22  Turning your tree into a tale Kathy Chater Lingfield 
July 7  Educating Poor Johnny  Eve McLaughlin Sutton
July 9  The Most Wrethed man in the world  Michael Page  Richmond 
July 19  Do you know who you are yet? Celia Heritage Croydon 
July 27 Bread, Gruel & Suet Dumpligs: Day to Day life in the workhouse. Ian Waller Lingfiled
Aug 4 Droughts, Deluges & Dust Devils: 300 years of SE weather events Ian Currie Sutton
Aug 8 Scandals and Skeletons: Presentation of an Old Bailey trial Ken & Teresa Ripper Southwark
Sep 1 Mapping you ancestors  John Hanson Sutton
Sep 10 Two 20th Century Resources: Lloyd George Doomsday & National Farm Survey Paul Blake Richmond
Sep 20 Bat boat to Red Arrows (100 yrs aviation  in Kingston) David Hassard Croydon
Sep 27 Family History in Southwark Stephen Humphrey Lingfield
Oct 6 The Dark Side - The underworld Ian Waller Sutton
Oct 18 My Ancestors were in the Royal Navy Paul Blake Croydon
Oct 19 Kenley Airfield Revival Project Amy Todd Lingfield
Oct 22 Cambridgeshire Family Fair Cambridge
Nov 3 The Genealogists Anthem - and a muse on the indispensable ag. lab Gill Alford Sutton
Nov 5 West Surrey FHS Openday Woking
Nov 12 Tracing ancestors who fought in two world wars  Simon Fowler Richmond
Nov 15 Tudor Christmas Cookery  Croydon 
Nov 23 Victorian London Ian Bevan Lingfield
Dec 1 Seeing it through their songs Michael Gandy Sutton
Dec 10 Introduction to Family History ESFHS Team Kingston


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